Variable Barricade Available Now on Nintendo Switch in Europe

Hijinks ensue in this romantic comedy as a young woman tries to resist four handsome suitors

Variable Barricade is available now on Nintendo Switch across Europe! In a comical twist on “The Bachelorette,” Hibari discovers that her meddling grandfather is determined to find her a husband, while she is just as determined to refuse them all.



About the Game:

A member of a prestigious family and heiress to a fortune, Hibari learns that her eccentric grandfather has taken it upon himself find her a husband by arranging a stay in a luxurious villa along with four handsome, hand-picked bachelors and a watchful butler. As the suitors try to win her hand by any means necessary, Hibari endures endless trials and temptations. Has grandfather chosen poorly, or is there more to these fellows than meets the eye? Through all of this, Hibari has two important goals: frighten off each of these marriage candidates, and absolutely refuse to fall in love.

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