Radiant Tale is Out Now on Nintendo Switch™!

Radiant Tale is Out Now on Nintendo Switch™!

July 27, 2023

Can Tifalia help turn a band of magical misfits into a successful circus

and save the prince?

Let the spectacle begin...Radiant Tale is available now for Nintendo Switch™!

In this heartwarming and colourful adventure, Tifalia joins a motley band of circus performers tasked with bringing joy back to the kingdom.

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About the game:

Tifalia’s comfortable life is turned upside down when a dragon crash-lands right into her! This triggers her first encounter with CIRCUS, a performance troupe that travels around the world to save their crown prince. After a dismal failure of a performance, CIRCUS discovers that Tifalia might be able to help them and recruit her to act as producer for their dysfunctional group. Will they master the ring? Or just be mediocre?

A crazy dragon who’s more silly than scary, a prickly clown who won't make you laugh, a mysterious conductor who doesn’t want to use water magic, an acrobat who doesn’t know how to entertain, a drunkard fur ball, an unmotivated leader, and an amateur producer who just joined.

Will they ever be able to perform for a crowd and bring down the house? Or will they stay a 3 ring circus?