Norn9: Var Commons Cards and Norn9: Last Era Limited Edition revealed!

Norn9: Var Commons Cards and Norn9: Last Era Limited Edition revealed!

February 07, 2023

Board a mysterious ship with twelve strangers and journey to uncover the secrets that lie in the Norn!

We are very excited to offer a glimpse of a set of twelve(!) full-colour character cards of the fan-favourite otome title Norn9: Var Commons, which is coming to Nintendo Switch™ on 30th March!

The set of character cards will be included in Standard Edition pre-orders of Norn9: Var Commons made exclusively on the Aksys UK Online Store.

Anyone who has already pre-ordered Norn9: Var Commons from the Aksys UK Online Store will automatically have their order upgraded to include the character cards, so you don't have to lift a finger!

Check out the Official Website and the newly revealed Official Trailer for more information!

But that's not all! We are also excited to announce the components for the upcoming Limited Edition of fan disk Norn9: Last Era, localised for the first time in the west and coming THIS SUMMER.

Included in the collection are a full-colour artbook, a 25" x 15" cloth poster, a set of 11 vinyl stickers featuring Hiyoko, and an acrylic chibi artwork keychain.

Pre-orders of the Last Era Limited Edition & Standard Edition on the Aksys UK Online Store will also include a set of twelve character cards, exclusive to our store!

Pre-orders will go live at a later date, so stay tuned!

About the game:

In Norn9: Var Commons, child prodigy Sorata Suzuhara wanders off from his class on a field trip and blacks out. When he comes to, he finds himself in an unfamiliar place, and encounters a girl who informs him that he’s in Taisho-era Japan! She leads him to a ship to help him get home, but it is not a wooden sailing ship, but a round aircraft that flies using technology beyond Sorata’s imagination. Even stranger, he discovers twelve others, three young women and nine young men, all espers with special powers, on some kind of journey at the behest of a multinational entity known only as The World. 

What is the purpose of their journey? What is their destination, and what is The World? Before Sorata can even begin to gasp his situation, the ship is attacked, and the mystery only deepens. Delve into the story of the ship and its occupants through the point of view of each of the girls, and unravel the mysteries trapped within. Norn9: Last Era continues the team’s adventures in three exciting parts.